More About Drainage, Landscaping, and Hardscaping Services

This page is about our services. At Curry Landscape and Garden Center, Inc., we want our clients to be well-informed about our work and company so that they can feel comfortable with their choice of hiring us. Our honesty and transparency have earned us the trust of many homeowners in Bonney Lake, WA and we believe it will win us yours as well. Our services are:

Reliable Drainage Contractor

Reliable Drainage Contractor

Erosion Control

Erosion can lead to severe structural defects that can compromise the safety and integrity of your home. We can prevent that from happening by creating different barriers that will give you control over the water runoff and keep it away from your foundations and exterior walls.


Drainage Service

At Curry Landscape and Garden Center, Inc., we can build and install different drainage systems such as dry creek beds, French drains, swales, surface drains, and more that will work in combination with the erosion control barriers and lead water away from your house.


Waterfall Design and Construction

A waterfall will surely increase the value of your property and will positively affect the curb appeal of your garden. We can design a water cascade that will naturally blend in with the style of your landscape and the architecture of your property. Once you approve the concept of the waterfall, we will build it for you and spare you weeks of hard work.


Landscape Design and Landscaping

Use our services in Bonney Lake, WA and have us design for you a beautiful landscape that will complement the style of your house. We can come up with classic and modern concepts that will be based on your ideas. Also, we can assist you with the transformation of your yard and help you with the maintenance of your landscape once your garden is completed.


Shoreline Restoration

We can restore the shoreline of your green areas that have been affected by erosion and supplanted by water. We use state-of-the-art instruments and different techniques to attain excellent results.


Also Offering Additional Services:

Artificial turf, channel drains, bulkheads, crawl space and basement, clean-ups, digging, leaks, drainage, drain field, drainage repair, drains, fire pits, erosion control, foundation drain repair and installation, flagstone, French drains, gardens, geocell, geotechnical, geotextiles and fabric, garden beds, grading, gutters, hardscape, grass and seed, horseshoe pits, in-ground trampolines, jute, landscaping, lighting, pavers, pathways, ponds, pruning, raised beds, rain garden, rockeries, slope stabilization, retaining walls, sod, sprinklers and irrigation, stone patios, steps, walkways, topsoil, water diversion and reclamation, water leakage, water features, waterfalls, and weed barriers.

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