Use Promo Code: “411” For More Great Offers!

Call us: (206) 395-2396

Use Promo Code: “411” For More Great Offers!

Call us: (206) 395-2396

Use Promo Code: “411” For More Great Offers!

Call us: (206) 395-2396

We specialize in Foundation Drainage both Installation and Repair, Drainage, Erosion Solutions , Slope Stabilization and Landscape Design Build.


Curry Landscape and Garden Center, Inc.
Bonney Lake, WA 98391
Area served: 100 mile radius; Bonney Lake, WA and surrounding areas
Phone: (206) 395-2396

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  • Erosion Control
  • Drainage Service
  • Waterfall Design
  • Waterfall Construction
  • Landscape Design
  • Landscaping
  • Shoreline Restoratio

More Services

Artificial Turf , Bulkheads, Channel Drains, Clean-ups, Crawl space and Basement , leaks, Digging, Drain Field , Drainage, Drainage repair , Drains Erosion Control, Fire pits, Flagstone, Foundation drain repair and installation, French Drains, ,Garden beds, Gardens, Geo Cell, Geo Technical, Geo textiles and fabric, Grading, Grass and seed, Gutters, Hardscape, Horse Shoe Pits, In-ground trampolines, Jute, Landscape, Landscaping, Lighting, ,pathways, Pavers, Ponds, Pruning, Rain Garden, Raised beds, Residential or ommercial Properties, Retaining Walls, Rockeries, Slope Stabilization, Sod, Sprinklers and irrigation, Steps, Stone patios, Top soil, Walkways, Water Diversion and reclamation, Water Features, Water leakage, Waterfalls, Weed Barriers.

We Offer a Professional Drainage Service

Are you looking for a competent drainage contractor? At Curry Landscape and Garden Center, Inc., we can provide you with the assistance that you are looking for. Our family-owned and operated company has been proudly serving homeowners since 1987. We are dedicated to providing our clients in Bonney Lake, WA with quality services at reasonable prices and that is why choosing us is an excellent decision.

Our Services

We specialize in erosion control, landscaping & landscape design, shoreline restoration, waterfall design & construction, and drainage system installation. Our technicians are skilled and experienced professionals who will cater to all your needs and provide you with the solutions that you need. For more information on our drainage service, visit our services page.

Also Offering Additional Services:

Artificial turf, bulkheads, channel drains, clean-ups, crawl space and basement, leaks, digging, drain field, drainage, drainage repair, drains, erosion control, fire pits, flagstone, foundation drain repair and installation, french drains, garden beds, gardens, geocell, geotechnical, geotextiles and fabric, grading, grass and seed, gutters, hardscape, horseshoe pits, in-ground trampolines, jute, landscape, landscaping, lighting, pathways, pavers, ponds, pruning, rain garden, raised beds, retaining walls, rockeries, slope stabilization, sod, sprinklers and irrigation, steps, stone patios, topsoil, walkways, water diversion and reclamation, water features, water leakage, waterfalls, and weed barriers.

Why Us

We know the damage water can cause to your foundations and other primary features of your house and we want to prevent that from happening. We can design stylish but practical drainage systems such as dry creek beds, French drains, sump systems, surface drains, swales, and more that will allow you to control runoff and keep water away from your property. The excellent quality of our work has made us some of the most preferred drainage landscapers in Bonney Lake, WA and that speaks volumes about us.

What We Do

We use top-of-the-line instruments and quality materials to build dependable drainage systems that can last for years. At Curry Landscape and Garden Center, Inc., we can also assist you with the design of your landscape so that you can have a home with a beautiful garden. Whether you need us to help you with the installation of your artificial waterfall or provide you with French drain services, we are up for the task and we will handle it with flying colors.

When you are looking for reliable yard drainage contractors, turn to us! We are looking forward to helping you! 

Client’s Testimonial

Aug 9, 2019

We have been in our home for almost ten years, and we had never had drainage problems until recently. We called an expert from our company to work at our house, and the job was done efficiently. I will only contact them for a professional drainage service if need be.